In a short sentence --- INSURED - 40+ YEARS EXPERIENCE - EDUCATED!!!

I presume you are looking for a excellent inspection from a insured inspector, at a reasonable price and this is exactly what you will receive with NOVAK Home Inspections. I have compiled a resume of over 40 years working in residential construction & inspection and I actually care about the quality of inspection I provide my client. After the 2-3 hour inspection I go back to my office where I spend another 2-3 hours writing the report and inserting the numerous pictures taken, the report IS NOT written at the inspection site, but written in the office and sent the same day.

There are inspectors with less experience & education in home inspecting doing 3-5 inspections a day for less money and I will say, less than excellent inspections, so, if that is what you are after this Inspector is not the one you want. Out of 100's only 18 Inspectors in this region are CREIA CERTIFIED. Why is that important! CREIA chapter meetings and conferences provide the education needed in this field and are mandatory for CREIA membership. Being educated in this field is of utmost importance. Very few of the inspectors you may talk with are as educated or have as long career in residential construction as I.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: During the inspection I will I go on the roof, inspect the exterior & interior, run ALL appliances including furnaces, A/C's, evaporative coolers, kitchen, run water everywhere to check for leaks and look for the numerous safety concerns that all homes can have. It's just as important to know that over time the lack of tub & shower caulking can cause costly damages as failing major items like the Roof, A/C or Furnace.

Without a home inspection homebuyers have purchased homes only to find they have purchased the seller's problems. A Home Inspection is VERY VERY CHEAP compared to the cost that could be lying in wait for a New Home Owner. If you don't take measures to make sure you've hired the best inspector to make sure your prospective home is sound, you're gambling with your family's health and your financial well being. Do yourself a BIG FAVOR and hire an insured, experience well educated home inspector and besides a better inspection you will get:

  • Knowledge to bargain with the seller to make concessions or necessary repairs

  • Peace of mind that there isn't something seriously wrong with the property you are about to purchase

  • An expectation of what systems might be wearing out or are already past their intended life span

  • More knowledge of your home and how it works

Some say, "But It Will Be Appraised". An appraisal is completely different from a home inspection in that it only determines market value. Appraisers compare a home's size, location and ONLY the General Condition of the home. Home Inspectors look for problems! As ALL Realtors will tell you…GET IT INSPECTED!

Payments accepted by CASH, CHECK or CREDIT CARD