What's Inspected

An inspection by Novak Home Inspections includes a thorough inspection of the following components. Of course we can only inspect what we can visually observe. What should be investigated further by a licensed professional to evaluate and estimate any repairs will be noted in the report. The following explains what an entire report can contain. All reports are individualized to the property being inspected.

Lots and Grounds

Covers driveways, walks, steps, stoops, decks, balconies, porches, yard walls or fences, retaining & privacy walls, fences and grading will be inspected.

Swimming Pools & Spas

One of the most important areas of safety! We will inspect the pool, its equipment, its operating condition and surrounding area including yard gates for safety.

Exterior Surface and Components

Covers the siding on the house, windows, doors, exterior house lighting, outlets, hose bibs and gas meter & valve.


The roof will be examined by the best method available, but 90% of our inspections we are able to walk the roof. If the roofing material is too fragile or not safe to walk on we will do our best to evaluate the roof from whatever position we can.

Garage / Carport

Covered in the inspection are garage car doors, mechanized car door opening equipment, home service doors, firewalls and the electrical.


The electrical system is checked for safety, and evaluated in terms of its current age & condition.


Covers the structure of the building including structure type, foundation, framing, floors, walls, and roof.


Where accessible, covers roof framing, its sheathing, bathroom fan venting, its ventilation, insulation, and moisture penetration.

Heating and Air Conditioning

We assess the capacity of the existing equipment, by considering the age of the equipment and its temperature differential readings.


The piping and fixtures are checked for function, flow, existing and old leaks. Different plumbing situations are screened for unsanitary conditions. Laundry sinks, tile work, and domestic water heaters are also surveyed for age and safety concerns.

Interior Concrete Slab

Usually covered with some type of decorative floor covering. But there can be telltale signs that something is not right.


Appliances are turned on and deficiencies noted. Cabinets are checked for function and microbial growth. The exposed plumbing is checked for existing or old leaks.

General Interior

Walls, floors and ceiling surfaces are scanned for problematic conditions, visible evidence of water penetration, microbial growth, fire hazards, or security breaches.

Environmental Hazards & Concerns

Asbestos where found or suspected it will be noted. Improper storage of hazardous materials is also reported.