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Walker, Thank you for your professional service, educating us, thorough inspection & PATIENCE. Due to the extra time you took with us, Jeffrey was able to come away with a better understanding of the "bones" of our new home. Sometimes people can be dismissing to people with a loss of vision and not take the time to explain things to help them get a better idea of what you are talking about. You earned a 5 star rating and exceeded all of our expectations. So again I want to THANK YOU for your patience. I have now been able to read the report to Jeffrey. We will recommend you to all of our friends. Wishing you continued success in all of your endeavors, life and dreams. Sincerely,

Johnny Johnson & Jeffrey Ashcraft

I can't say enough good things about Walker Novak. On each of the properties we've purchased, his attention to detail and thorough reports have been golden. Walker's reports are better than any home improvement store how-to books, and always seem to show up via email at before you can blink. He's our go-to professional to evaluate a property, and he offers steady guidance to bring a house up to the highest standards. Walker's reputation is excellent, and he maintains a recommendation list of other top quality professionals who, like Walker, have never let us down.

We were very impressed by Walker's serious and thorough work. We walked the job with him and he was quick to answer all our questions as honestly as he could. He pointed out things which became points of negotiation with the seller and we believe the experience in our home was enhanced by his professionalism.

While purchasing a house in Palm Springs in the Spring of 2009, we retained the services of Novak Home Inspections. As we were located on the East Coast, we relied particularly heavily on our home inspector. Walker was great! He performed an incredibly detailed written inspection of the property, pointing out items that needed repair, upgrade or simply routine maintenance. We continue to refer back to his report many months later, not only for its in depth descriptions but also its suggested service providers. His work was performed on a timely basis, was reasonably priced and was very complete and well-presented. We would certainly work with him again in connection with another purchase.

Glenn T., East Hampton

We live in Canada and have purchased 2 properties in Palm Springs. We chose Walker Novak as our Home Inspector both times. We have found Walker to be professional, knowledgeable and thorough. Walker took the time to ensure that we understood all items and even showed me exactly why some items were defective and how they might be fixed. Walker was very helpful. I would certainly use his services again and I would definitely recommend him to a friend. If a potential client would like to contact me they may do so at the email address below.

Andy Jessiman

I highly recommend Walker Novak for all home inspection services. Walker's inspections are comprehensive and detailed and I will continue to seek his services in the future. He is professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy and an overall pleasure to work with.

Novak Home Inspections was recommended to me when we needed a home inspection for a house we were going to buy. The inspection I received was thorough, in fact, I still have it and check off all the things we have done to the house over the last year. Walker was professional, helpful and honest when he inspected our home (Yes, we bought it!) and I would highly recommend him.

Meghan Sullivan

My experience with Walker was nothing short than excellent. He was knowledgeable, efficient and responsive to all my questions. Purchasing a home and finding a qualified home inspector during these tough economic times can be a very long and painful process. Walker made it easy and was phenomenal to work with. I highly recommend him.

"I highly recommend Walker Novak for home inspections. I hired him twice in my search for a second home in Palm Springs during the fall of 2009. He is a consummate professional who uncovered & explained everything I needed to know about the condition of the homes and provided thorough, rapid turn-around on the inspection reports. Having confidence in his inspection was critically important to me during my real estate negotiation phase and subsequent decision to "pass" on my first home and proceed to closing with the second."
All the best,